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What to do After a Car Wreck

With the streets of Boise becoming busier, a car accident is one of the most unexpected situations that can happen. During this time of complete shock, there are certain things that need to be remembered, which can make the situation even more difficult. Keeping the following list in your car can help take care of all the essentials from the beginning. By following up with a car accident lawyer and receiving the representation you deserve, you can make sure any long-term effects are as minimal as possible.

Morgan Law Firm’s years of experience, in and around the Boise area, has taught our lawyers the most essential matters that must be covered following a car accident:

  1. Know the details of your insurance coverage – keep your insurance card in your car at all times and call your insurance company as soon as possible.  
  2. Keep a list of your personal medical needs in your car – any medical issues, allergies and/or a list of your prescriptions.
  3. Use your phone to record all necessary information – this includes both parties’ names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance companies, policy numbers, driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, and make/model/year or VIN number of the car. Also make sure the name of the driver is the same name as the name of the person on the insurance policy.  
  4. Assess injuries – if there are injuries, call 911 immediately. In Boise, if yours is a no-injury accident, the police might not respond. If the accident is minimal, move cars to a safe place.
  5. Never leave the site of the accident – you must remain at the site until a police report can be completed or until all relevant information is exchanged. Leaving the site of a car accident, particularly if there are injuries, can be a crime.
  6. Stay in your car until help arrives – you are less likely to experience additional harm if you stay in your car with your seatbelt intact and your hazard lights on.  
  7. Get all contact information from witnesses – this includes name and phone number.
  8. Be mindful of what you say. Do not assume the other party is on your side. Do not talk to anyone other than the police, your insurance company and your attorney.
  9. Call a lawyer as soon as possible – because car accidents are so complex, and so many unexpected situations can arise—some of which can alter your life forever, always seek the advice of a lawyer.

Year after year, Morgan Law Firm successfully represents countless individuals and families, in Boise, to avoid pitfalls and recover as much as possible in the most positive way. Call Morgan Law Firm today, at  (208) 789-2098, and let us show you how we can protect you from day one.     

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