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What Hit Me?

Sancho Panza famously observed, “Whether the stone hit the pitcher, or the pitcher hit the stone, it’s gonna’ be bad for the pitcher.” The same is true of cars and trucks and road accidents. Fortunately, in every aspect of your case, David L. Morgan is more Sir Lancelot than Don Quixote.


Why Did I get Hit?

Generally, it’s some person’s fault. The law recognizes acts of nature, such as bad weather, falling rock zones, and other causes, but, even in these cases, personal questions arise like: Why were you driving in such weather? Did you have to take that specific, risky road?

In most auto accidents, however, fault is pretty clear. Commercial truck companies have a greater responsibility for safeguarding the highways because tractor-trailers are bigger, heavier and deadlier. Any company act (or failure to act) may put privately-owned vehicles and other commercial traffic at risk:

  • Faulty repairs, using cheap parts or mechanics of lesser skill, lead to more mechanical failures.
  • Inadequate training on driving massive vehicles, safety issues, and defensive techniques.
  • Trucks without proper inspections usually lack adequate maintenance.
  • Improperly loading trailers can unbalance a big-rig, especially in bad weather.
  • Unreasonable deadlines push drivers to take risks, even to violating the law.
  • Failure to supervise drivers with drug tests and other preventative measures won’t identify a bad driver before the accident.

The individual driver, rather than the company, might also act stupidly in spite of getting all the right training. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has specifically targeted cell phone calls; writing, sending or reading text messages; email, instant messages or any other electronic communication as major problems and put in place numerous other regulations to keep the roads safe.


How Do I Fix This?

Without the help of an injury lawyer experienced in auto accidents, you may not be able to. One key to any commercial firm staying in business is having good legal counsel. You should do less? The Morgan Law Firm has over a decade of experience in this arena. Our people know Idaho and Utah trucking law. We have a network of investigative resources so, whether we go to court or settle out of court, we act on solid data. Your accident will cause lots of stress, and we can’t make it all go away, but we’ll cut out as much unnecessary stress as possible so you can heal after suffering injuries from a semi-truck accident. Your initial consultation with David L. Morgan is free and we can do that in our Idaho or Utah, offices; our satellite offices; your home or even your hospital room.

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