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Vehicle Safety Watchlist: What’s New

When you are on top of your car maintenance checklist, you are a safer driver, and you are less likely to receive a citation from a police officer. In fact, if your obvious safety features are up to date, and your car’s interior is organized, officers report they are less likely to issue a citation. From the experience and expertise of an auto injury Lawyer, this Vehicle Safety Watchlist will help you keep you and your passenger’s safety in mind.


Those obvious safety features to check off the list first are the everyday functions your car requires to legally be on the road. Since you are never behind yourself in your own car, brake lights should be checked regularly by simply asking the help of someone else to sit in your driver seat while the car is in park, and tap the breaks. Headlights are just as essential to have in working order, but much easier to test yourself.


An emissions test will tell you if your car’s emissions are at a safe level. An emission level that is too high indicates underlying problems that need fixing in your vehicle, and reducing them also protects you and the environment from toxic smog.

Sometimes, the most dangerous part of being on the road is not your own driving, but that of other drivers. If you do find yourself in a collision, make sure to ask your Morgan Law Firm auto injury Lawyer about inquiring on the state of the other driver’s vehicle, to uncover any of their violations.

To understand what is new in reports of vehicle safety, our auto injury Lawyers at Morgan Law Firm refer to the Safety Institute’s Quarterly release of Analytics on death and injury as it relates to the most common malfunctions and safety warnings in vehicles. Here are the top five findings from the most recent Vehicle Safety Watchlist from The Safety Institute.

  1. The 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt makes 5th on this list, for as yet Unknown, undetermined or unclassified reasons.  
  2.  The later 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt model holds number 4 on the list for Electrical problems that have caused recalls. Electrical can relate to a whole host of issues all over the car.
  3.  2008 Buick Enclave reaches number 3 for issues of its Structure, which include recalls related to the build of the vehicle.
  4. For Power Train recalls and investigations, The 2014 Jeep Cherokee 4×4 takes the number 2 spot on the list. Power Train involves many different components of a vehicle’s power supply, and its transfer between parts.
  5. Jeep’s 2015 Grand Cherokee 4×4 takes the highest spot on the list for the same reason the earlier model takes the second spot, Power Train issues.

For a longer and more detailed list, an auto injury Lawyer or representative of Morgan Law Firm can be contacted on our website, or by phone at (208) 789-2098

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