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Tips For Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

If you’re a motorcyclist, you’re likely aware that your risk of a fatal crash is 35 times greater than that of a standard automobile driver. The blame can be put on passenger cars failure to obey a motorcyclist’s right of way and vice versa.


Regardless of the reason, however, it is important to go over some safety tips so we can hold ourselves accountable and lower the percentage of auto and motorcycle accidents. From helmet laws to practicing the “look both ways” rule, everyone can feel a little safer on the road.

Using Common Sense to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Some of these tips for motorcyclists’ may be common sense and they may not. Taking control of the situations around us though can create a safer experience for new and old bikers. The first rule of thumb is to slow down; by driving at an unsafe speed there is a higher chance of not being able to see upcoming turns, turning corners too fast and orconstant braking resulting in flying off the bike or resulting in the bike sliding out from under you.


Obey the speed limits in all conditions, rain or shine. Take time to look behind you when stopped at an intersection, as most bikers are rear ended by other cars. This can give you time to move out of the way and avoid being hit.

Resisting The Temptation of Riding Between Cars

Never ride between traffic and especially parked cars. You never know when the driver can open their door or even step out of the vehicle. It is also smart to never share a lane with another car. Drivers won’t expect or look out for you.

Refraining From Drinking & Riding

This next tip ALL drivers should abide by: never drink and drive. Drinking slows your reaction time and impairs your balance and coordination, both of which are needed to safely drive a motorcycle.


It is important to perform regular maintenance on your motorcycle. Check the engine, brakes, tires, headlamps and turn signals so that you can drive in confidence knowing your motorcycle is in good working order so you can be prepared for possible road hazards, train tracks, wet pavement, leaves, rubber debris and anything else that comes your way.


As of May 2018, Utah’s helmet law covers riders 20 years and younger, as for Idaho this law covers riders 17 years old and younger. It is imperative to follow these laws to keep yourself safe. If you are in the Boise, ID and Salt Lake City, UT area and have been in a motorcycle accident, contact the Morgan Law firm today to file a claim. The consultation is free and there will be no fees unless we win your case. Get the compensation you deserve with the help of Morgan Law’s experienced auto and motorcycle accident attorneys.

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