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The Dangers of Bicycle Commuting in an Urban Area

The US Census Bureau estimates bicycle commuting has increased by almost 50 percent over the last two decades. More than 800,000 people now regularly bike to work. Auto-bicycle, bicycle-pedestrian and other bicycle accidents have increased as well — about 840 cyclist-commuters died in 2016. The rules of the road for two-wheelers differ than for other vehicles and, should bad news hit, you need counsel from someone who knows the law and the court system — David L. Morgan is that person.

Do It Carefully, Minimize Your Risks

As a cyclist, you are your own best protection: Ride a bike that fits you and is properly maintained. Wear protective equipment — helmet, pads, reflective gear, and lights. Ride one per bicycle, carry your gear in a backpack or in saddlebags. Plan your route to include less traffic and slower speeds, a bike lane or on a bike path, when possible. Watch the weather, wet roads are slick and you have less grip on it. Assume the car drivers can’t see you — this is especially important because, even if they can, they may not be paying attention.

But — Yes, There’s Always a “But …”

Cycling to work, or for errands or for recreation, is a great way to stay fit, to reduce vehicle pollutions, enjoy the great scenery (urban, suburban and rural) of Utah and Idaho, and to simply have fun.

But, there’s always some fool who doesn’t pay attention and slams your butt into the sidewalk or the next block!

When personal injury accidents happen: Your bicycle may suddenly be a candidate for the recycling bin or damaged but salvageable. You might walk away with a few scratches or bruises or you might never walk again.

You may have serious injuries that require long-term/permanent medical care. You may suffer loss of income because you can’t work during recovery. If a spouse or parent is killed, you have a claim for loss of income, companionship, mentoring and other losses you suffer because of someone else’s mistake.

You are “All at Sea” and You Need a Pilot

First and foremost, you must determine what injuries you suffered. See your doctor.

Second, you must establish the facts. With over a decade of experience, the Morgan Law Firm has the investigative resources to unravel the details of these accidents and the experience to properly assess the costs you will face and the damages you should receive from your claim.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, 911 is the first call you need to make; David L. Morgan should be the second.

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