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Texting While Driving: The True Cost


At Morgan Law Firm—as auto injury lawyers, we see more and more accidents involving driving while texting.

Texting while driving makes about as much sense as performing heart surgery while blindfolded because both practices are so dangerous to one’s self and others. However, seventy-seven percent of young adults say they are very or somewhat confident that they can text while driving.

Driving requires 100% of our attention, to stay ahead of external distractions, other negligent drivers and weather conditions.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHRSA), states that about 660,000 drivers use their cell phones or other electronic devices while driving at any given time during the day. The price for this practice could be catastrophic.

Consider these facts:

  • A fine for texting while driving can be anywhere from $20 to $10,000 for a first-time offender. Laws differ from state-to-state, so it’s important to know Utah’s state laws regarding texting while driving, particularly where accidents are involved. This is where it is advisable to contact an auto injury lawyer, like Morgan Law Firm.
  • Insurance premiums for accidents involving driving while using a cell phone can rise thousands of dollars. This is money that could be used to fund a college education, a vacation or a down payment on a home
  • Some insurance companies have dropped customers following an auto accident that involves driving while texting

And what do any of these monetary losses even mean, when compared to the cost of

losing a life? Consider these statistics:

  • The leading cause of death for teenagers is now texting
  • Nearly a dozen teenagers die each day in text-related auto accidents
  • While fatal auto accidents are on the decline, fatal car crashes involving cell phones are on the rise
  • Teens are more likely than any other age group to be involved in a distracted driving fatality
  • Teens who text while driving spend approximately 10% of their driving time outside of their lane

Where an accident was the result of driving while texting, the importance of working

with an auto injury lawyer cannot be emphasized enough. The laws regarding this practice are complex and you will want to obtain the best representation available.

At Morgan Law Firm, we specialize in all types of auto accidents and are experts when it comes to unique and complicated cases, like texting while driving.

Should you become the victim of an accident that involves texting while driving, give Morgan Law Firm a call at (208) 789-2098. We can help you get the most of what you deserve.  

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