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Prevent Workplace Injuries With These Safety Tips

A total of over 5,000 workplace injuries were reported in 2018; the highest it has been since 2016. Although some workers go through training and watch detailed videos on how to perform their specific job, there are still many workers who choose to ignore or are injured because of others bad decisions to not take work rules seriously.


With these important tips, you’ll be able to understand how imperative it is to reduce workplace injuries to keep yourself and fellow coworkers safe.

Preventing On-The-Job Injuries by Following Safety Procedures

There are many rules of the workplace. Some obvious and others not so obvious. Following correct procedures should be the most important rule to follow. Do not try to take risks or shortcuts.


If your job consists of construction on site or road construction you should always wear protective equipment that is intended for a certain task, including: safety harnesses, hard hat, gloves, goggles, non slip footwear and masks if needed.

Preventing On-The-Job Injuries by Staying Alert & Awake

When you’re on the job, it’s important to stay fully alert and awake, this will help keep you attentive and more aware of distractions and how to ignore them. If you handle machinery, use the appropriate tools for the task, do not perform those tasks unless trained and if you are unsure it is always ok to ask for help.


Never leave running machines unattended and turn them off before cleaning, moving, or adjusting. If you are constantly moving heavy objects use both hands and proper stance to keep strain on the legs instead of your back. Don’t bend at the knees and try to test the weight before lifting it. You can always consider wearing a back brace. If small injuries do occur, be sure to always keep a first aid kit nearby.

What Should You do if On-The-Job Injuries Occur?

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