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Prevent Bicycle Accidents With These Safety Tips

Spring is here, and it’s time to welcome the blue skies and warmer weather by doing some of our favorite outdoor spring activities! For many people, riding their bicycle is high up on the list of enjoyable things to do in springtime, as it helps them get the exercise they need while enjoying the beautiful weather. But before you strap on that bike helmet and pump up those tires, there are a few safety rules you may want to review to help prevent a serious bicycle accident. Read on for some quick tips on how to avoid bike accidents and make your ride as safe and uneventful as possible.


Wear A Helmet

This tip is always number one on any bike safety list, and for good reason! Did you know that wearing a bicycle helmet can significantly reduce the chance of serious head injuries and even save your life? It’s true- according to, 97% of all bicyclists who died in fatal crashes were not wearing a bike helmet. Make sure to visit your favorite bicycle shop to have your helmet professionally adjusted for maximum effectiveness, and always remember to wear it, no matter how short your ride.


Reflect Yourself

If your bike rides take place during dusk or in the evening hours, it is essential to make sure you are wearing reflective clothing and accessories to allow motorists to easily spot you on the road. Wearing dark clothing can make you virtually invisible to drivers, so be sure to wear illuminated or reflective cycling gear so you can be seen.


Use Hand Signals

When you first learned to ride a bike as a kid, chances are you became acquainted with the proper hand signals to use when turning left or right or stopping. Just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean you can stop signaling your turns and stops to others sharing the road! Make use of the universal hand signals when riding your bike so motorists can anticipate your moves and steer clear.


Go With The Flow

It is absolutely essential to go with, not against, the flow of traffic when riding your bike on the streets. By staying with the traffic flow and obeying all the rules of the road, you can significantly decrease the likelihood of becoming injured in a bike accident.


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