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Pedestrian Accidents and Hit-and-Run Offenses

A compassionate Boise and Salt Lake City pedestrian accident lawyer who guides injury victims through complex claims

With virtually no protection, pedestrians typically suffer extensive injuries when involved in a collision with any type of motor vehicle. While pedestrian carelessness accounts for many of these accidents, drivers can easily strike pedestrians by failing to meet their responsibility to remain watchful while behind the wheel. But proving the causes of these often-tragic injuries requires an attorney with experience.

If you or a loved one suffers injuries in a pedestrian accident, seek advice and support from the Morgan Law Firm. We provide the personalized support you cannot always receive from lawyers at large, impersonal law firms. We have over a decade of experience and have the legal knowledge and sensitivity to provide effective representation.

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Understanding the common risk factors can improve pedestrian safety

Most people do not think of walking as a dangerous activity. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that about 70,000 pedestrians suffered injuries in U.S. traffic crashes in 2010. Another 4,280 pedestrians lost their lives. By examining some common factors of these accidents, pedestrians can take these actions to avoid the risks:

  • Take extra precautions in urban areas — An alarming 73 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents occurred in urban settings.
  • Cross at intersections whenever possible — Nearly 80 percent of pedestrian fatalities took place at non-intersections.
  • Walking at night requires extra vigilance — 32 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents occurred during daytime, while 68 percent took place after dark.
  • Pedestrian age makes a difference — You need to protect both young and old pedestrians. Children age 15 and younger accounted for seven percent of pedestrian fatalities and 23 percent of pedestrian injuries. Nineteen percent of pedestrian fatalities involved individuals over age 65, while another 11 percent in that age group suffered injuries.

The special concerns of hit-and-run accidents

Perhaps the most tragic situations involve careless drivers who strike pedestrians and then drive away. Many flee the scene out of initial panic and may later turn themselves in to police. Others just do not want to face the consequences for their actions. These can be the most tragic types of auto accidents, because injured pedestrians may not be able to pursue compensation for their injuries when they do not know who hit them.

Nevertheless, pedestrian accident attorneys can provide valuable services to injured clients. At the Morgan Law Firm, we thoroughly review police reports. By following up, we help keep abreast of developments in identifying offenders.

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