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Legal Support for Victims of Brain and Spinal Injury

Skilled Boise and Salt Lake City brain and spinal injury lawyer seeks justice for catastrophic injury victims

In an instant, life can change forever for someone who suffers an injury to the brain or spinal cord. Such an injury can often cause a permanent disability that requires costly medical attention and therapy, even as the victim can no longer earn a living.

All too often, these catastrophic injuries occurred simply because another party acted carelessly or committed an act of violence. Victims require assistance from an experienced attorney to help pursue the compensation they deserve. The Morgan Law Firm has provided dedicated personal support to injured clients during their trying times for more than a decade.

The common causes of head and spine injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord and the brain do not always lead to the same symptoms or results. But they share many common causes. The University of Alabama reports that vehicular accidents caused 39.2 percent of spinal cord injuries between 2005 and 2012. Another 28.3 percent of injuries were caused by falls, and violence caused 14.6 percent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that brain injuries share most of the same causes, although the frequency differs:

  • Falls (35.2 percent)
  • Motor vehicle accidents (17.3 percent)
  • Struck by/against events (16.5 percent)
  • Assaults (10 percent)

Another issue that spinal cord injury and brain injury have in common is that both require costly medical treatment, often over a long time. Victims need skilled legal support. They also need to choose a lawyer who can provide personal attention and services to help them move forward and learn how to deal with the challenges of coping with devastating life changes.

We help with your legal and personal needs

Dealing with legal problems causes additional stress when you need to focus your energies on healing physically and emotionally. At the Morgan Law Firm, we treat our clients with the sensitivity they deserve. We are formidable advocates when pursuing the rights of our clients. We also protect them from the daily issues that take time away from coping with their injuries.

Contact us for the sensitive and skilled support you need

You do not have to face the long-term consequences of catastrophic injuries alone. The Morgan Law Firm has spent more than a decade guiding families through the legal and personal aspects they must address to seek justice for overwhelming changes in their lives. We are eager to see how we can help you by meeting with you in your home or hospital, in our offices in Boise or Lehi, UT or in one of our conveniently located pilot offices.

All cases are handled on a contingency-fee basis. This means you pay no legal fees unless we win a recovery for you. Call Attorney Morgan directly on his cell phones at (208) 789-2098 for Idaho and (801) 623-1911 for Utah or contact us online. Your initial consultation is FREE.

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