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Help for victims of birth injury caused by medical negligence

Injury to a child can instantly change the lives of everyone in the family. They can face a lifetime of expenses that take a devastating financial toll in addition to the daily emotional pain. Perhaps the most tragic situations involve injuries that occur at birth. Even the most skilled medical care cannot prevent all infant injuries. However, proper prenatal diagnosis and treatment — as well as care taken during the delivery process — can reduce the risks of potentially severe, disabling injuries.

Attorney David L. Morgan has more than a decade of experience providing compassionate personal support. Mr. Morgan is dedicated to helping families pursue the compensation they deserve when medical negligence causes injuries to their newborn children.

Common types of birth injuries

Any number of unavoidable situations, such as large babies, breech births and other conditions can cause injuries in infants during the birth process. These injuries do not automatically indicate medical negligence. However, doctors may have failed to comply with reasonable standards that would help them predict and address risks through testing and diagnosis. Or they may not have exercised due caution during delivery. Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford identifies the following birth injuries that can be unavoidable — or may be caused by malpractice:

  • Head injuries — Vacuum extraction can cause swelling of the scalp, and forceps extraction can leave bruising or marks. These and other similar conditions are common and generally heal over time. But they can lead to complications or even brain damage. Cerebral palsy is caused by a brain injury that often occurs even with appropriate medical care. However, medical negligence can also cause this permanent condition.
  • Facial paralysis — Pressure on the face or forceps delivery may injure facial nerves, which may heal over a period of weeks after delivery. But torn nerves may require surgery.
  • Arm or shoulder injuries — Damage to the brachial plexus nerves can cause reduced usage of the arms or hands of children. Such damage may occur from difficulty delivering the shoulders. Doctors can possibly prevent brachial plexus injuries by choosing cesarean section deliveries for large birth weight babies. Depending on the severity of the nerve damage, some babies can gain relief with therapy. Others face a lifelong condition.
  • Fractures — The clavicle (collar bone) can break during difficult deliveries. While the bone typically heals quickly, use of bandages or splints may be helpful.

When an infant suffers injuries at birth, parents may not always know whether the injuries were unavoidable or they indicate malpractice. Fortunately, it costs nothing to discuss your circumstances with birth injury attorneys, who can assess your claim.

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