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Personal Injury Law – How Am I Protected?

Vehicular accidents (car, truck, motorcycle, even bicycles), wrongful death, dog bites, sports accidents, slips and falls, product liability, medical negligence — the list of potential problems is staggering, almost mind-boggling. Fortunately, civil law is clear: When a specific person or persons cause accidents through malice or negligence — he or she or they are responsible for repairing the damage they’ve done.

Every accident injury case is different and requires individualized legal support by a personal injury lawyer. Injuries may be short term (such as a broken arm) that will heal fully in a few weeks, to permanent disabilities (such as a broken back) that may alter every aspect of your life. Either way, it’s going to cost you and you need professional advice on how best to proceed.

Many things will affect your claim, especially criminal cases, such as a workplace injury caused by unsafe business practices. Such incidents may require investigation by OSHA and that investigation may result in prosecution. This will add complexities and may add delays to any claim.


Don’t Delay

If the injury requires medical attention, get it and submit your claims to your insurance company quickly. Remember the phrase “statute of limitations”. Paperwork is the last thing you want to be worrying about when you and your loved one are recovering from serious injuries, but it is vital to properly establishing your claim.


The Importance of Compassionate Legal Support

The Morgan Law Firm can assist in obtaining fair compensation from the at-fault party or, should the need arise, from your insurance company, if they unfairly deny your claim. Remember, it costs nothing to learn all available options before proceeding with your claim.

To get full compensation, you have to ask the right questions, including: Was the defendant’s action simply careless, or was it reckless? What happens if more than one person is to blame for an injury? Who is responsible for a personal injury that occurs in an office or retail business? Can a property owner be held liable for injuries to someone not invited onto their property?

When these situations (and too many more to mention them all) can be settled without going to court, David Morgan and his professional staff will work out the best possible settlement that provides full financial compensation for your injuries.

If you have to go to court, you need a personal injury lawyer who understands state law. David Morgan is the personal injury lawyer who will help you pursue an effective claim in Utah or Idaho.


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