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Who Pays a Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim happens when one person is negligently harmed by another person or entity. Ogden personal injury claims typically include all kinds of accidents, such as tripping, falling, burning, slamming, loss of limb and more. Damages include pain and suffering, medical, dental or occupational negligence, loss of income and/or a reduced quality of life.

Personal injuries happen in countless ways, in and throughout the Ogden area, and are covered by a myriad of liability insurance companies, including those that involve:

Employee injuries – employee liability covers on-the-job injuries that happen because of negligence

Public injuries – local statues and ordinances govern all citizen mishaps, such as tripping on a sidewalk or an injury caused by a faulty swing. The city, another government entity or even a landowner may be solely responsible for your injury, depending on where the accident occurred.  

Hospital injuries – should a patient be dropped from an operating table or injured tripping over a cord, these claims are paid by the liability insurance company the hospital is contracted with.

Automobile injuries – these cases are usually handled by the offending driver’s insurance company

Either way, when it comes to personal injury claims, the means are there to cover you financially for the pain and suffering you are experiencing. Submitting a claim is a fairly easy process.

The moment the injury occurs, it is important not to discuss the details with the person or company you believe is responsible for the accident. Hire a reputable attorney first, like Morgan Law Firm, and then let them represent you as they collect all the necessary documentation to prove your case.

  In this day and age, with so much focus placed on liability, nearly every person or entity, in the Ogden and surrounding area, is covered by insurance. At Morgan Law Firm, we negotiate your personal injury case with the insurer, showing proper proof of injury, until your claim is paid.

Some people refuse to file a claim because they are uncomfortable with the idea of being involved in a lawsuit. Yet, when it comes to personal injury claims, we only deal with the insurance company and never an individual person. When the claim is settled, it is the insurance company that pays the claim, not the person responsible.

   To submit a claim, an application is filled out and filed with the responsible party’s insurance company. Typically, these claims do not require a trial or a judge. Insurance companies are usually eager to settle claims because of the “General Release of all Claims,” declaration that states you only have one chance to settle your personal injury claim. This means that even if you find out later that your injuries were worse than you first thought, you cannot receive more compensation. A reputable attorney, like Morgan Law Firm, will help you receive the maximum amount for your injury.

We are available 24/7 and handle all our cases on a contingency basis.  For a free consultation in the Ogden area, call personal injury attorney,  Morgan, directly on his cell phone at (208) 789-2098 or contact us online to learn how we can help.

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