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Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney? It Probably Wasn’t Your Fault

Motorcycles are great, they’re an economical personal transportation option and a wonderful way to relax on a sunny day, alone or with friends. Sadly, when accidents happen, many insurers assume the motorcycle rider was at fault. This usually isn’t true — federal government statistics indicate that two-thirds of auto-motorcycle accidents are caused by the auto violating the motorcycle’s right-of-way. If you’re that rider, you need an advocate that deals with facts, not prejudices.


Reality Check

A car surrounds the driver, the rider surrounds the bike, so it’s a more dangerous situation when things go wrong. Idaho and Utah have laws specifically dealing with motorcycles to address this reality. The Idaho Transportation Department and Utah Department of Public Safety provide great bike safety info on their websites, info every rider should study.

If everybody drives by the rules, motorcycles are as safe as any other vehicles. Of course, not everybody on the road really knows how to drive safely and mechanical failures, bad weather or a host of unforeseeable/uncontrollable situations can appear without warning, and people get hurt.


After Any Accident, You Should Call a Lawyer

Insurers are businesses, they don’t survive by giving money away.

If it’s “nobody’s fault” — bad weather or whatever — you, the victim, may still need a lawyer to navigate the maze of insurance and legal requirements to get the compensation you deserve. Riders often suffer severe injuries and may face high out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatment or long-term care.

When driver error caused the accident, you need to be careful how you proceed. Don’t make statements that might be used to suggest you’ve said it was your fault. Don’t accept the first offer your insurance company makes. Don’t lose paperwork — hospital bills, repair bills, pay stubs to document loss of wages, everything! And photos of the accident — take many!

Motorcycle accident claims and suits require special expertise and every member of the Firm understands the unique challenges of these cases. The Morgan Law Firm has over 10 years’ experience helping injured riders seek justice and that specific experience is backed by 17 years’ experience with all types of personal injury law in Utah and Idaho.

Your choice for advice and representation after a motorcycle accident is the law firm that knows its business — David L. Morgan. Call for a free phone consultation 24/7.


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