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You Need a Lawyer to Process Your Insurance Claims Correctly

Insurance companies are for-profit enterprises; they stay in business because income (premiums) exceed expenses (claims paid). And, before you ask, so-called “non-profit insurers” are also for-profit businesses, they just use their profits differently; if they don’t profit, they close up shop, too.

Therefore, they may offer a settlement well below what you think it should be. You’ve paid for protection, your insurance claim for your auto accident or other injury is the demand for that protection. There are several ways in which an expert like the Morgan Law Firm can help see that your rights are protected:


#1 — Deal Professionally with Professionals

In talking to insurance company employees, be polite, be firm, be clear on what you want. Sending emails instead of making phone calls means there’s a documented record of your discussions — and how long it takes for them to respond. Your lawyer can advise on what questions to ask and how to interpret the answers.


#2 — Should the Lawyer Do All the Talking?

No, you can use your lawyer strictly as a resource and, while the insurance company is playing nice, this is good. Remember, once you say, “My lawyer will be in touch”, you have changed the game dramatically, from possibly cooperative to definitely adversarial.


#3 — If They Try to Be Unfair, Do I have to Sue?

No, you have options which offer you due process out of court. In a “mediation”, a third party (with nothing to gain or lose regardless of which side wins) works with the insurer and the insured to reach a sensible settlement both can accept. In an “arbitration”, the arbiter collects facts and issues a decision, like a judge. You and your insurer, before entering into arbitration, choose “non-binding” which, essentially, means you’re in mediation — or “binding”, which means both agree to accept the arbiter’s decision. If you choose these options, your lawyer may have experience with specific mediators and arbiters to help you choose a qualified professional.


#4 — When Should I call a Lawyer?

As soon as possible. Deal with any injuries, take photos of the accident scene, talk to the police and witnesses, make sure you are okay, then call us. A small misstep at the beginning can take a lot of time and effort to correct later on.

With offices in Idaho, and Utah, the Morgan Law Firm will get you the best settlement we can on your auto accident insurance claim, and we’ll do it as fast as we can.


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