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Motorcycle Product Liability

Everyone hears about automobile recalls with frightening regularity. Motorcycle recalls are much less common, but they happen. Without an experienced attorney, you might never know. Where accidents are concerned, the Morgan Law Firm has all the experience you need.

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What Could Go Wrong?

We’ve been designing and building motorcycles for over 100 years; it’s a proven technology, why would there be a recall? Well, we’re still human, and mistakes still happen. A wheel-mount flaw could cause your bike to wobble at high speeds; putting the ignition source close to the fuel tank could cause an explosion; using poor quality materials causes parts to break long before they should. Every new motorcycle design is a chance for new mistakes and for a product liability case.

Like any business, motorcycle manufacturers have a legal obligation to design a safe product and one that is built correctly. Unintended errors, like selling a full-grain leather motorcycle jacket that somehow got made with split-hide (thinner leather that offers less protection) is a “manufacturing defect”. Building a 500-pound motorcycle with brakes that were designed to stop a 300-pound motorcycle is a “design flaw”. (“Dude, you should’ve known that was never gonna’ work!”)


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Generally, motorcycle accidents run through the legal system just like any other catastrophic injury case: Cause, the extent of injuries, questions of negligence and amount of compensation are still the basic pieces of the puzzle. In a design defect or manufacture flaw case, some new elements appear: When did the flaw or defect become known? How quickly was it fixed? What did the company do to prevent their error from hurting anybody? How many people were hurt? Is the manufacturer cooperating with the investigation? Is this an individual case or a class-action suit? What compensation does the company offer?

This is the stuff of lawyers, judges, and juries. This is not something for you, the injured person, to worry about. Mostly, they are questions that wouldn’t occur to you-you’ve got enough to worry about just recovering from your accident.

You need a legal team supporting you that really knows their stuff. You may never hear about motorcycle product recalls, but David L. Morgan and his team of legal eagles keep their eyes and ears open for just this sort of information. It’s how we keep you – our clients – safe. Contact us if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, we’ll help you determine if a design defect or manufacture flaw was at fault and we’ll do everything we can to get you the compensation you deserve.

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