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Know Your Rights After a Car Accident

First and foremost, you are entitled to compensation. When you’re in an accident due to no fault of your own, you’ve become the victim of negligence or recklessness on behalf of the other driver. Whether you were in your own car, a pedestrian, or a cyclist, you’re entitled to a fair trial, though many car accident issues never see the light of a courtroom and are settled by your car accident lawyer in a private settlement.

Immediately after a car accident, you have a right to compensation, but it’s all about how you get there. Your first step is to immediately contact a professional car accident lawyer who has seen this situation before and knows how to proceed with your best interests at heart.

Setting Up Your Claim

Your number one priority after an incident provided that the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries, and they haven’t sustained any, is to put your strategy into place. When someone is threatened with the possibility of losing their licens or losing a serious amount of money, they go into panic mode, and they make rash and improper decisions. Get all the information right away. Provided that you don’t need to be taken away by emergency services for severe injuries, take down statements and phone numbers of eyewitnesses. Talk directly to the police that arrive on the scene. You’re entitled to compensation; be proactive about your claim process, and get it going right away.

Your Right to the Police Statement

When the police deliberate cause on the scene of anything, it’s usually seen as hard, concrete evidence. When the police determine, based on the scene, who was at fault and you know that it wasn’t you, that report is an immediate weapon against those trying to deny you proper compensation. Documentation provided by the police contain information that work for or against any individual that’s involved with a car accident injury. You have a right to use that information to get compensation for your injury.

Hire the Best Without Hesitation

When you need the best car accident lawyer in Meridian, ID, the first place to call is Morgan Law Firm. We’ll put the law on your side, and get you the compensation that you deserve. Stop into our office, or call us to set up a consultation. Don’t hesitate after you’ve been in a car accident—be proactive, and put the law in your corner.


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