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I’ve Been Involved in a Trucking Accident: What do I do?

It’s an unfortunate fact, but a fact nonetheless; tractor, trailer and semi trucks injure 3 million people each year, leading to around 5 to 7,000 fatalities. You may be asking yourself “why is this number so high?” With the popularity of trucking — either for a job, moving, or rehoming animals — there are unfortunately many unfit drivers out there sharing the road with us.


If you have been involved in a trucking accident it is important to follow these helpful steps in order to get the compensation and support you rightfully deserve.

Performing Daily Inspections on Your Truck

The cause of auto and trucking accidents can be the result of faulty repairs on brakes and other parts of your vehicle. This is why it is important to perform daily inspections in order to keep these areas in great working condition. After all, failing to perform inspections can ultimately cost someone their life.

Proper Loading & Careful Driving

Most times it is the inexperienced drivers dealing with the pressures of unreasonable deadlines causing them to take dangerous shortcuts. Improper loading also can be the cause of auto and trucking accidents resulting the truck to become imbalanced leading the driver to loose control.

Seeking Justice for Trucking Accident Victims

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, and are in the Boise, ID or Salt Lake City, UT area, visit Morgan Law 18 wheeler and commercial truck attorneys to file a claim. These understanding attorneys offer a free consult that can either be set up at your home, hospital room or any of their offices in the area. Morgan Law attorneys are experienced at dealing with trucking companies who try to fight your claim.


It’s not always easy to identify the cause of an auto or trucking accident but the attorneys at Morgan Law are skilled in determining what exactly went wrong. With a deep understanding of the laws surrounding the industry, the attorneys have the resources required to put together complete investigations so that evidence can be developed and effective claims can be created.


The legal process can be challenging and long; here they can be a shoulder to lean on but also a rock to get the job done. Most truck operations have state and federal regulations. These are put in place to keep everyone on the road safe, but when that fails to happen that’s where the hardworking attorneys at Morgan Law come in.


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