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What To Do After Getting Hurt on the Job

Getting injured at work is a common occurrence throughout the United States. What isn’t common is the knowledge of what to do, and how to ensure that your personal injury isn’t swept under the rug or forgotten about.

Seek Medical Attention

Don’t be concerned with disrupting business as usual. If you’re injured, your safety is of the utmost concern. If your injury requires it, seek medical attention right away. This can also help later if your employer tries to deny that you ever had a workplace injury. When you’ve visited an emergency room or been picked-up by an ambulance, it’s another form of properly documenting your personal injury.

Report It Immediately

No matter where you work, whether it’s in construction or fast food, every business in America is set up to accurately report workplace personal injury incidents. The very first thing you should do—once you’re assessed your injury and assured that you aren’t in need of emergency services—is report it to your superior, and see to it that it’s accurately documented. It’s not a daily procedure for your manager, so they may forget about it; don’t let up until this is properly reported on their end, as well.

Understand If You’re Eligible For Workman’s Comp

If your personal injury has put you out of work until you’ve healed, your employer isn’t going to provide you with a weekly paycheck if you’re not earning it. A lot of people are worried about applying for workman’s comp; they don’t want to cause bad blood between them, and their employer. Understand this: you cannot be fired for applying for workman’s comp. Your employer may find a separate reason, but your position cannot be terminated due to applying for workman’s comp after a personal injury.

Not Everyone Has Your Best Interest At Heart

Unfortunate as it may be, many businesses have contingency plans for when their employees get hurt at work. They simply don’t want to pay. If you’re encountering issues with seeking compensation for your injury, a licensed personal injury attorney can help. If your employer proves negligent to properly report your personal injury, you’re not being given the care you deserve, and it can lead to you trying to get by without a paycheck until your injury is properly mended. Don’t hesitate; contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. You can’t afford to be left without an income—we can help.

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