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Get Products Liability Support From Your Attorney

Each year more than 30,000 new consumer products launch and about 80% of them fail. What causes most of the products to hit the dust? Now, say they get the marketing right. You buy a new product and it fails to work properly, or is injures one of your children. What do you do next? Contact your Morgan Law product liability attorney to take care of all the logistics. They have what it takes to defend consumers like you.

Understanding Product & Manufacturer Defects

Under law, manufactures are held liable under these three circumstances, the first being design defects. These include inherent flaws in design specially when other consumers experience similar defects.


The second circumstance is a manufacturer defect. The product is designed properly but the manufacturer’s problems have hurt the user. These faults can include sharp edges of a product or even broken pieces.

Product’s Failure to Warn

The last circumstance is a products failure to warn. The product does not provide written warnings or instructions attached to it alerting users to the dangers of improper use. This would be a ‘caution hot’ sign on soup or a ‘do not microwave’ label on tupperware.


To keep yourself safe from defective products always research the items you are buying. Are they generally safe for you and your children? Have there been any recalls on the products you have used or do you know anyone with a failed product horror story?

Seeking Justice for Personal Injuries Related to a Product

Even after taking safety measures and someone is injured, a Morgan Law product liability attorney can fight for the injured victims rights and provide the compensation they deserve.


The consultation is free, just set up a meeting at their offices, your home or even hospital room and they can fight your case. Since Morgan Law is on a contingency fee basis, you pay nothing unless they win for you. In ID, the law imposes a 2 year statute to file a claim. Don’t waste time and file now.

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