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Distracted Driver Awareness: 5 Tips to Stay Safe

David Morgan, your local Boise auto accident attorney wants to help keep you driving safely, so we made a list to keep you confidently aware on the road. This list covers the three main types of distraction: visual, manual, and cognitive.


  1. The dangers of texting and driving cannot be overstated, just as the ease of avoiding these dangers cannot be underemphasized. Do your texting, calling, and GPS searching from your phone, before you get behind the wheel. If you do need to make use of your phone or other electronics, as can be done with other distracting activities, pull off the road in a safe place to take care of it while you are stopped from driving.
  2. In the United States, almost half of all states enforce a passenger maximum for drivers under 21, at 1 passenger. Our second tip from a Boise auto accident attorney to you, takes a cue from this helpful restriction. Having fewer passengers in your vehicle means fewer distractions, especially if you are a younger or newer driver. Passengers in your car should help you to keep your focus on driving, for everyone’s safety.
  3. Drowsy driving is a major concern for all kinds of drivers, and taking precautions to help you stay awake will keep away this major distraction. More rest, and less activity and stimulation, (such as bright lights or vigorous exercise,) before bed will prepare you for safe driving without the distraction of drowsiness. Light stretching or yoga can relax you before sleep, without raising your body to a higher temperature that will making resting more difficult.
  4. In addition to drowsiness, our bodily needs can throw other distraction at us while we drive. A Boise auto accident attorney will tell you that all too often, eating and driving is the dangerous combination that distracts a driver. Finish your food before driving your car, park while you eat food from a drive thru, or eat at your destination. If you do pack snacks for a long trip, eat them when you take a rest from driving, so nothing can come between you and your focus on the road.
  5. Many people store and transport all sorts of things in their vehicle besides themselves or passengers. From the experience of your friendly Boise auto accident attorney, please check the contents of your vehicle before setting it into motion, to avoid a distraction or potential projectile while you are driving. Just as with yourself and your passengers, secure everything that is in your car with you, (such as personal items and loose gear,) so these items cannot shift around and become obstacles to your awareness.

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