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Dirt Biking & Special Considerations for Public Lands

Nampa, Idaho is a beautiful and scenic location to enjoy riding your dirt bike, off-highway motorbike (OHM) or off-highway vehicle (OHV) of any kind. But running into an accident while having a ton fun can spell significant trouble. When that happens, let Morgan Law Firm handle potential legal matters for you. For other instances, make sure to know what you need to drive your dirt bike with confidence.

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The Law of the Land

Enjoying nature by riding on public lands is a joy unmatched. But that bliss is often dampened by the regulations and laws that make these public lands quite the challenge to explore.

In order to ride your dirt bike in peace, you have to follow a few set rules in Idaho. Getting your license, restricted vehicle license plate, OHV certificate of number sticker and liability or alternative insurance are a few of the many requirements that you need to keep in mind. If you are caught riding your dirt bike without them, then it can be quite a troubling trip in terms of fines, tickets, and federal bureaucracy.

Keep Your Affairs in Order

While Idaho allows you to ride your OHVs on city, country, and highway district roads, they are often restricted by local laws as well. With that being said, those local laws aren’t that strict. But not many people know that.

That is why, when you run into an accident while on an OHV, the other party could disregard your status and right to insurance claim and damages. Situations such as these are where the scenic lands seem ugly, as you may find yourself fighting for rights that were awarded to you in the first place.

Don’t Get Pushed Against the Wall

With over 20 years of experience, David L. Morgan can make sure to explain the letter of the law to those who are refusing to adhere to it.

To make sure that you aren’t pushed against the wall by someone who actually runs their car into your vehicle, make sure to contact Morgan Law Firm. The Morgan Law Firm is there for you when things get bad.

We will let you rest while representing your best interests from Nampa, Idaho. We make certain that no one takes your right to an insurance claim and compensation for damages are our highest priority.

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