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Defensive Biking 101: Staying Safe On Two Wheels

According to federal statistics, the decade ending 2016 was a mixed bag: The number of motorcycles increased over 20 percent. Miles driven stayed fairly steady (about 20 billion per year). Fatalities were trending downward for several years but have been rising in recent years. We can’t completely eliminate accidents, but we can be safer.

A few simple tricks can vastly reduce your chances of needing our services, but, if you do, you will be glad you called the Morgan Law Firm.

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Know the Dangers and Avoid Them

Left Turns: Across America, more auto-motorcycle accidents happen when a car turns left than for any other cause. If you see a car in the left turn lane ahead of you, slow down and expect them to miss seeing you.

Blind Spots: Since motorcycles are smaller, blind spots are relatively bigger. Riders need to place themselves so they are sure a driver can see them. Larger vehicles (vans, RVs and tractor trailers) hide motorcycles from the vehicles around them. Riders must be more aware when driving near bigger vehicles. Riders can attract motorists’ attention by carefully moving their bikes side-to-side within a lane.

Weather: “If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour” isn’t a joke in Utah or Idaho, it’s a fact! Bikers need to be prepared to just get off the road and wait if it gets that bad — and it gets that bad far faster for smaller vehicles. If you can’t wait it out, slow down, keep your eyes moving, be careful of any unusual patch of asphalt (could be black ice!) and get where you’re going as safely as you can.

Take a Course: Many companies and organizations offer defensive driving classes. Learn from more experienced drivers.

Be Visible: Wear bright colors — yeah, they look pretty lame sometimes, but they look better than widow’s black.

Be a Little Paranoid: They aren’t actually out to get you, but better you should assume the worst than trust them to drive their best.


Put the Experts to Work for You

David L. Morgan has been in practice for almost 20 years, focusing on injury and liability cases. His team understands Utah and Idaho law and the specific laws that cover motorcycles. We’ll examine your incident and the extent of your injuries or property damage and negotiate a fair settlement for you. If that doesn’t get you the money you deserve, we can litigate. We will take them to court and do everything in our power to get you full and appropriate compensation. Contact David L. Morgan, he’s waiting for your call.

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