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Deep Pockets aren’t a License to Steal

“Deep pockets” is American slang for very wealthy people or companies. In law, some think you should always sue people or companies with deep pockets because they can afford to pay you lots of money. Sadly, in any auto accident, hospital, rehab, loss-of-wages, and more, can make damages soar like an eagle! A legitimate insurance claim covers these costs in the victim’s favor but spending a week in a hospital and several weeks of rehab aren’t just cause to demand so much money you never have to work again.

The classic examples are gun makers and alcohol distillers. If a criminal uses a gun to steal, he’s probably not rich, so sue the gun-maker, who probably is. If you got hit by a drunk driver, don’t sue the bar owner, sue the distiller. “They’ll never miss it,” is a justification as common as it is stupid.

Truckers or a trucking company is a common “deep pockets” target, and, when they are at fault, the Morgan Law Firm will go after them to get you, our client, the compensation you justly deserve.

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“The Company Pays”

It’s easy to think that a multi-million- or multi-billion-dollar business doesn’t get hurt by a large jury award, so take them for what you can get. There are too many falsehoods in that idea to mention in anything short of a very fat book. But, to summarize:

  • The company doesn’t pay the award. Businesses don’t really pay for anything, all their money comes from the people who buy their products – that’s you, the consumer – ultimately, you pay! Cost them money and they have to raise their prices to survive.
  • They do get hurt. Some industries have very small margins of profit – gasoline retailers, for example, often make around 6¢ per gallon profit. They’d have to sell a whole lot of gallons to hand you $1,000,000.
  • Do you think you’re the only person who’s ever thought of this? A billion-per-year business could easily survive one major suit. However, every person that wins a “deep pockets” case encourages many others to file extravagant lawsuits. A million here, a million there and, pretty soon, it adds up to real money – maybe too much money, putting hundreds of jobs at risk because of the greed of a few.


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For almost 20 years, David L. Morgan and his legal team have been the go-to place for accident cases in Boise, Idaho, and Salt Lake City, Utah. We know the law and we’ve negotiated hundreds of fair settlements. Contacts us, we’ll do our best to see that you don’t suffer any more than you already have, and we’ll do it without hurting a lot of other people who didn’t do you wrong.

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