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Why Is My Auto Accident Claim Settlement Being Delayed?

Insurance companies are businesses, they exist to make money for their stockholders. If delaying your insurance claim pushes you to accept a smaller settlement, the company makes a bigger profit. Dishonest insurance companies will try this, but you don’t have to let them get away with it.

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Don’t Let Them Bully You

At the Morgan Law Firm, we know that dealing with insurance companies — even those that have the best intentions — can be frustrating. We take the frustration away and let you concentrate on getting your life back together after an injury or auto accident.

When you (the consumer) ask, “Why is my claim being delayed?” You can get a laundry list of politely-phrased, cleverly-worded, convincing-sounding excuses. A few are reasons (not excuses) — waiting for all medical bills to be received or all property repair estimates to be submitted is part of due process, also called due diligence.

But, when weeks turn into months, when the hospital accounting office or the car repair shop tells you the bills are in and, still, the insurance company isn’t moving forward, you should be seeing so many red flags you think the Soviet Union is back in business!

It ain’t supposed to be so! The bills are piling up, creditors are pressing you for payment (because they are businesses and they’d like to stay in business), and you need that money now!


Those that Cause Pain Must Be Made to Pay

Every state has laws that govern the payment of insurance claims. In Idaho, misconduct includes misrepresenting facts, failing to conduct a reasonable investigation, failing to inform claimants they have a right to appeal decisions, delaying investigations by requiring duplicate information, and many other tactics that are, to be blunt, bullying.

State laws require that the insured persons (you) prove that the insurer (them) committed oppressive, fraudulent, malicious or outrageous conduct. Well, that’s not going to happen if it’s you alone against the insurance providers legal team. They have their experts; you need your own experts.


We Are Your Experts

If they are negligent or abusive, you have remedies and you have the Morgan Law Firm to see that you are made whole. We are your legal counselors — any time you have a question of law, you should be in our office getting the info you need to make the right decision. Contact the Morgan Law Firm of Middleton, Idaho; we handle all cases on a contingency-fee basis — meaning you pay no legal fees unless we win a recovery for you.

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