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What Can Truck Drivers Do to Prevent Accidents?

With numerous passes through Boise, ID and Salt Lake City, UT, we see our fair share of truckers. As a result, we also see our fair share of trucking-related auto accidents. There are a few safety precautions to take into account when driving a big rig; let’s talk about them.


Pulling Over When Tired


No trucker ever wants to get into auto accidents, though some have a fear of losing their job as a result of failing to meet deadlines. Despite the fact that there is a legal limit to the number of consecutive hours truckers can spend on the road, trucking companies have been known to be at-fault of pushing them past these legal limits in the past.


If you’re a trucker and you’re afraid of being fired for not achieving a deadline, know that the law is there to protect you. If you log your hours and clearly refuse to continue against federal mandate, you will not be able to lose your job. If you do, it’s wrongful termination. Pulling over when tired, and not exceeding the legal limits of consecutive road hours, are both crucial to the safety of yourself, and others.


Avoid Speeding


While this may sound like common sense to some, a lot of personal injury law cases attribute speeding to a certain number of auto accidents. When you need to hit your deadlines and refuse to go over the legal limit of hours, speeding appears to be the ace in the hole. Whether your rig is empty or carrying thousands of pounds of cargo, it’s still not safe practice.


Proper Utilization of Cruise Control


Cruise control is a wonderful tool to be used while driving. It eases wear on your joints, keeps your fuel economy at a specific point, and allows you to focus on your ten-and-two. However, improperly using cruise control in inclement weather conditions could be a one-way ticket to disaster.


Having full operational control over your rig when you’re in icy or slippery conditions is absolutely crucial. Cruise control can’t take hold of the vehicle properly once control has been lost, but truckers and their training can prevent auto accidents or jackknifing.


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