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an overturned truck on the road potentially blocking traffic

Trucking Accidents Can Create More Hazards on the Road

What do you do when an auto accident takes place due to a tractor-trailer or semi-truck that wasn’t even moving? Depending on where the vehicle was and why it was just standing in the middle of the road, you can very well file for an insurance claim and ask to be paid for damages caused in Meridian, Idaho.

Instances where the tractor-trailer is causing the whole road to be blocked can result in a traffic jam or direct collisions. If you were at the receiving end of one of these accidents, then Morgan Law Firm can make sure that you don’t have to pay for the mistake of the truckers.

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Road Block Ahead

A trucking company is often so focused on delivering loads and getting its trucks to their destination that its truckers often don’t exercise caution. They forget that moving something as large as a 40-ton tractor-trailer in the middle of the road can make it difficult for other vehicles to move.

If it’s a small road, then the size of the tractor-trailer makes navigation quite a task itself. The roadblock, confusion and lack of space due to other vehicles only adds to it. The result? You end up with damage on your car while trying your best to just turn and leave.

A Hit and Not Run

These 18-wheeler tractor-trailers can also cause vehicles to drive right into them, which could often cause heavy bodily injuries.

This is quite confusing for even those who are driving the damaged vehicle; as they can’t believe that they caused the auto accident by driving into the truck. What they don’t know is that it just may not be their fault.

Don’t Bear Fault Yourself

Since the auto accident seems one-sided, most people don’t even know if they can file an insurance claim or have the trucking company pay for damages. But the fact remains that they can do that; mostly because the poor navigation was not their fault to begin with.

If you are confused about what happened in this case, then take the time to discuss this with a licensed attorney the first chance you get. This would help you understand the situation more clearly and file for claims if necessary.  

If you or a loved one has recently gone through a harrowing experience at the hands of a trucking company, then don’t hesitate from contacting Morgan Law Firm in Meridian, Idaho. We will make sure that we get your insurance claim and damages are taken care of while you focus on nursing yourself or your loved one back to health.

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