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car about to be in an auto accident in bad weather

Does Bad Weather Excuse Liability in an Auto Accident?

Like so many legal discussions, the answer is yes and no. Sorry, we wish every answer could be black or white, instead of fifty shades of gray, but the law recognizes that every incident is unique, and every case must be judged on its own merits. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident caused by a professional trucker, the Morgan Law Firm will make sure that the trucking company doesn’t get away with simply blaming the weather.

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You Have To Do Your Part

Bad weather can result in low visibility and slick roads: Snow, ice, rain, fog (among other things) can turn a safe road into a potentially deadly situation. Recognize and respect those dangers; respond to them: Slow down! Check the mirrors and scan the road constantly! Expect something to go wrong! If it’s that bad — get the hell off the road! Parked by the side of the road or in a convenience store lot isn’t fun, but it’s so much more fun than planning a funeral.


Let Us Do Our Part

Big rigs are vastly different than private cars or trucks, we all know that. We sometimes forget that 40 tons of fully-loaded tractor-trailer cannot possibly stop as fast as a 2-ton pickup. Yes, 18 wheels means 18 sets of breaks but black ice doesn’t care.

Negligence is failing to take reasonable care to prevent injury to others. If a professional driver acts carefully and responsibly, judges and juries must consider that when awarding compensation. Insurance companies certainly will when making a settlement offer. Bad weather (often lumped together with earthquakes or other natural disasters as “acts of God”) might reduce or eliminate liability in an accident.


The Answer

David L. Morgan has been in practice for almost 20 years, focusing on injury and liability cases. His team understands Utah and Idaho law and how far the limits of liability can be legitimately stretched. We will examine the details of the weather report, the experience of the driver, the training and oversight of the trucking company, the extent of your injuries and property damage and every other aspect of the accident.

Once we have a complete picture of the event, we’ll be nice. We’ll negotiate a fair settlement for your injuries, loss of income, pain and suffering and other costs to you. If that doesn’t get you the money you deserve, we’ll be not-so-nice. We will take them to court and do everything in our power to get you compensation. Contact David L. Morgan, he’s waiting for your call.

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