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Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

What’s the first thing that comes to mind in an auto vs. pedestrian accident? Usually, it’s “Sue the driver!” Well, suppose you were the driver and you’re sure it wasn’t your fault, how do you defend yourself? You don’t, you get legal expertise to represent you, just as the “victim” will get experts to represent him or her. Morgan Law Firm is the team to call for anything related to Utah or Idaho accident law.

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How Can Pedestrians be at Fault?

Simple – by being where they shouldn’t be or failing to protect themselves. Are they walking along a bridge that has no sidewalks? Are they on the street instead of the sidewalk or in a crosswalk? Crossing mid-block or against a red light? Are they unaware of traffic because they’re talking on the phone or texting or have earphones on? Have they been drinking or using drugs and, thus, of impaired judgment?

Very young children can learn to be safe in traffic and all adults are presumed to know they bear primary responsibility for their own safety. Right or wrong, our culture seems to favor the pedestrian and assume the driver was at fault. In fact, sometimes, fault is shared and, sometimes, the pedestrian was in the wrong.

Utah and Idaho state laws do clearly state that pedestrians have the right of way, but also specifies they are not to simply take it. Pedestrians have a duty not leave a place of safety and just walk into traffic, forcing vehicles to stop suddenly (and unsafely!).

A Driver’s Duty to Him/Herself

When you’re involved in a traffic accident, you can be sure the other party assumes, “I’m right; you’re wrong.” It’s human nature to blame the other guy – any other guy. That pedestrians will retain the best lawyers they can afford to prove their point because, if they don’t, their suit against you goes down in flames, their insurance company may not pay out, and they end up paying for their mistake, and probably handing you a fat check, as well, for damage to your car.

You must protect yourself with the same grade of armor. For 17 years, David L. Morgan has been practicing law from his Boise, Idaho, and Lehi, Utah, offices. He’s ready to meet with you in his principal offices, one of his satellite offices, your home or your hospital room, wherever you’re most comfortable.

When you’re sure it wasn’t your fault, you’re going to need someone in your corner. You’re going to need attorney David L. Morgan. Contact the Morgan Law Firm for a completely free and thorough consultation.

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