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Auto Accidents 411: What to do After a Collision

Step One: Call It In and Treat the Injured

After any auto collision, even a little fender bender, call the police. All 911 calls are recorded, your call prevents the other party from being the only voice on record. Stay on the line until first responders arrive and, at the same time, treat any injuries. (By the way, have you taken a first aid course recently? In serious auto accidents, seconds count when the ambulance is only minutes away!)


Step Two: Do the Paperwork

The police may file a report, or they may take a statement from you. Get copies in case you need them for insurance claims. Keep copies of all doctor, hospital, auto repair and other bills and don’t be afraid to question any charges that seem unreasonable, your insurance company certainly will. Submit your claims to your insurance company quickly and completely — remember the phrase “statute of limitations”. Keep track of what papers you have, when you receive them and when you respond. This is never fun while you or a loved one is trying to recover from injuries, but it is vital to a successful claim.


Step Three: Know Your Rights

You have the right to file claim against the person who caused the auto accident and against your insurance company if you fall prey to unfair insurance tactics such as settlement offers that don’t cover medical and other expenses; denial of your claim without valid reasons; unreasonable delays in processing your claim or repeated requests for legitimate information that go unheeded.

Be aware that criminal cases — an auto collision caused by a driver who has been arrested for DUI, for example — can add complexities and potential delays to a claim. Attorney David L. Morgan knows how to navigate complex legal issues to get our clients the compensation they need without undue stress. Remember, it costs nothing to learn all available options before proceeding with your claim.

Many times, these situations can be settled without going to court. David Morgan and his professional staff will try to work out a settlement that provides fair financial compensation for your injuries.

If you have to go to court, you need dedicated, local legal support to protect the rights of your loved one. David Morgan understands state laws thoroughly and will to help you pursue an effective personal injury claim in Utah or Idaho.


This website is designed for general information only. This information should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.

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