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Who is at Fault when Auto Parts Fail?

wrecked car after an auto part failure

The carmaker and the part maker may share liability, and, if it fails in one car, it may have failed in many others. This might not be a simple product liability; it may be a class-action suit. If it is, that’s all the more reason to have an experienced personal injury lawyer, and David Morgan … Read More »

The Dangers of Bicycle Commuting in an Urban Area

bicycle on the road after an auto accident

The US Census Bureau estimates bicycle commuting has increased by almost 50 percent over the last two decades. More than 800,000 people now regularly bike to work. Auto-bicycle, bicycle-pedestrian and other bicycle accidents have increased as well — about 840 cyclist-commuters died in 2016. The rules of the road for two-wheelers differ than for other … Read More »

Banana Peel Jokes Aren’t Always Funny

Utah law book with personal injury law written on it

Slip-and-fall jokes were a staple of Vaudeville and early movies, but, in the real world, no one’s laughing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate over 1 million Americans suffer slip-and-fall injuries annually and over 17,000 people die. You have the right to be safe and the Morgan Law Firm can provide counsel … Read More »

Off-Highway Vehicles in Idaho – What You Need to Know

off highway vehicle on a mountain trail

Off-roading is among the fastest-growing recreational activities in America — a $60-billion per year industry, by some estimates. Off-roading is fun and OHV riders that follow the rules are welcome in Idaho, but remember, there’s always somebody who thinks they don’t have to follow any rules. When you meet those people, the Morgan Law Firm … Read More »

Dirt Biking & Special Considerations for Public Lands

a dirt biker tearing it up on public lands

Nampa, Idaho is a beautiful and scenic location to enjoy riding your dirt bike, off-highway motorbike (OHM) or off-highway vehicle (OHV) of any kind. But running into an accident while having a ton fun can spell significant trouble. When that happens, let Morgan Law Firm handle potential legal matters for you. For other instances, make … Read More »

Defensive Biking 101: Staying Safe On Two Wheels

motorcycle after an accident

According to federal statistics, the decade ending 2016 was a mixed bag: The number of motorcycles increased over 20 percent. Miles driven stayed fairly steady (about 20 billion per year). Fatalities were trending downward for several years but have been rising in recent years. We can’t completely eliminate accidents, but we can be safer. A … Read More »