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Our Commitment to You

When it comes to needing a Boise auto injury attorney, Morgan Law is well-known for living our law office motto, “Protecting the Injured.” Whether your injuries were the result of an auto accident or another type of personal injury, our job is to absorb all the stress of your life-altering event. At a time where you’ve experienced so much change and trauma, there are so many overwhelming tasks to deal with—the first of which is to secure your journey back to your very own good health. We are committed to easily lead you through the process of compensation for your injury, so you can spend more of your time on the healing process.

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Our Commitment to Helping You Heal

It is nearly impossible for any victim of an accident to heal without help, particularly in receiving the rightful compensation you deserve. Let us help you receive the compensation you need, so you can fully heal from what you have just been through, enough to move on.

Our Commitment to Keeping Costs Down

When considering an attorney in Boise, most people fear the cost and how to ever pay for an attorney at a time when so many other expenses are attacking their pocketbook. At Morgan Law, we take all cases on a contingency-fee basis, which means there are absolutely no legal fees until we win a recovery for your case. Our initial consultation is free, as well. Our clients gladly testify of the settlement percentage we receive because it is so reasonable.

Our Commitment to Staying in Close Contact

We believe in keeping close, personal contact with all our clients, which is why all calls are answered by the owner and lead attorney of Morgan Law, David Morgan, 24/7, right on his very own cell phone. In our well-known, simple and relaxed fashion, we give you a list of all the items needed to review your case, whether it is an auto injury or another type of personal injury, and then get back to you, as soon as possible, with answers. Throughout the entire process, you will continue to be kept in the loop.

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Our Commitment to Knowing the Law and Winning Cases

Repeatedly, we have dealt with all the complex laws governing Boise auto injury cases. We know them. We understand them and we know how to use them to your benefit, especially when facing the complex tactics insurance companies try to use to reduce or deny your claim.

Understanding the complexities of the law of your Boise auto injury case can take your focus away from your health, but our process is simple, for a reason. Because we have practiced auto injury cases in Boise for over a decade, we are comfortable with the process, enough to know what to expect.

Our Commitment to Your Dignity and Ours

We are licensed to practice in both Idaho and Utah and are dedicated to handling the day-to-day details of your case.

Most of our clients are met in their homes, as well as in the hospital or one of our offices or satellite offices. We want to be where you are to help with the healing process.

At Morgan Law, our concern goes beyond all your legal rights to your personal rights and dignity.  

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