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Dirt Biking & Special Considerations for Public Lands

a dirt biker tearing it up on public lands

Nampa, Idaho is a beautiful and scenic location to enjoy riding your dirt bike, off-highway motorbike (OHM) or off-highway vehicle (OHV) of any kind. But running into an accident while having a ton fun can spell significant trouble. When that happens, let Morgan Law Firm handle potential legal matters for you. For other instances, make … Read More »

Defensive Biking 101: Staying Safe On Two Wheels

According to federal statistics, the decade ending 2016 was a mixed bag: The number of motorcycles increased over 20 percent. Miles driven stayed fairly steady (about 20 billion per year). Fatalities were trending downward for several years but have been rising in recent years. We can’t completely eliminate accidents, but we can be safer. A … Read More »

Does Bad Weather Excuse Liability in an Auto Accident?

Like so many legal discussions, the answer is yes and no. Sorry, we wish every answer could be black or white, instead of fifty shades of gray, but the law recognizes that every incident is unique, and every case must be judged on its own merits. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident caused … Read More »

Why Is My Auto Accident Claim Settlement Being Delayed?

Insurance companies are businesses, they exist to make money for their stockholders. If delaying your insurance claim pushes you to accept a smaller settlement, the company makes a bigger profit. Dishonest insurance companies will try this, but you don’t have to let them get away with it. Contact Me Now! Don’t Let Them Bully You … Read More »

What to Know After a Motorcycle Accident

Shared Liability in Motorcycle Accidents According to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, motorcycle-related injuries have gone down even as vehicle numbers increased, but 88,000 is still a lot of hurt people. In most of those accidents, both the motorcyclist and other driver(s) had a hand in causing the problem. In shared … Read More »

What you NEED to Know About Trucking Accidents & Property Damage

Just think what a fully-loaded tractor-trailer can do when it hits anything doing 65 miles an hour. Professional drivers are (or, should be) trained operators who don’t take unwarranted risks, such as driving drowsy. They have numerous legal safeguards to prevent exactly that. Truckers don’t often go off the road but, when they do, damage … Read More »

Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

What’s the first thing that comes to mind in an auto vs. pedestrian accident? Usually, it’s “Sue the driver!” Well, suppose you were the driver and you’re sure it wasn’t your fault, how do you defend yourself? You don’t, you get legal expertise to represent you, just as the “victim” will get experts to represent him … Read More »

Deep Pockets aren’t a License to Steal

“Deep pockets” is American slang for very wealthy people or companies. In law, some think you should always sue people or companies with deep pockets because they can afford to pay you lots of money. Sadly, in any auto accident, hospital, rehab, loss-of-wages, and more, can make damages soar like an eagle! A legitimate insurance … Read More »